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Windshield frost problem

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As winter is approaching I'm finding that my windshield becomes very foggy really quick, especially when it's either cold outside or multiple people in the car. A quick touch of the max defroster button solves that problem but then the car gets really HOT!

Does anyone have any solutions to reduce frost/fog on the windshield so I don't have to drive a sauna occasionally?

Thank you everyone!
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Yes, even in sunny, warm southern California (frost the last few mornings), windshield defrosting seems poor. What is the best way to defog/defrost?
I always have the climate control on Auto and just set the temp to a comfortable number. I never have fogging issues. Doesn't matter the temp outside.

The only time I see some issues is if its very humid outside and I have the climate control set to a very low number. You just need to change the output of air so that it doesn't blow on the windshield.
For defrosting/defogging with heat on make sure the AC is also on… think of AC as a dehumidification device.
I live in a place that has fairly cold winters (-14c this morning and that is really not cold). I have never had problems with the defrost until we bought my daughter an Imprezza. Like the OP, the heat needs to be on furnace mode to keep the windows free of frost. I am hoping the GLA (though it has a very similar shape) does not share this problem.
Im having the same issue but from the condensation of rain water that soaked into my drivers side floor mats. I crack my windows open and turn on the defogger with AC and that takes care of it. Still need to figure out my water leaking problem though...
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