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- AWD/4WD as i prefer them on the dirt roads i travel
- Small as no family or friends...i'm quite anti social like that. I just don't need a big car.
- Decent Fuel Economy as long distances in Australia so good economy = good range usually
- Decent performance
- Comfortable Ride
- Quiet Ride
- Comfortable Seats

Cars Tested and reason not bought
- Golf R
Seating not as comfortable as GLA also insufficient range
- Golf alltrack
2nd place, looks very boring but had good range and ok comfort, though again seats were not as good as the GLA and was better on dirt than the golf R
- Land Rover Discovery Sport
too big, lots of truck like engine noise even with new Orion Motor
- Land Rover Evoque
too big, lots of truck like engine noise even with new Orion motor, also seats not adjustable enough and unable to test high range seats. but had my favourite transmission equal with the Audi's
- Audi A3 Quattro S line suspension
suspension too stiff on dirt roads also cabin noise was higher than GLA
- Audi S3
this was a "meh" car didn't really tick any of my boxes but dealer begged i drive it after the A3 as it was supposed to be quieter on the road. it wasn't.
- Audi RS3
fantastic car, but average on dirt and suspension too hard, insufficient range and difficult to live with every day
- Audi Q3
i just found this car uncomfortable and boring.
- Audi A4 all road Quattro
larger than i wanted, decent on dirt roads. seat comfort was pretty good but fell short of the GLA
- Subaru XV
Not enough power and Manual as well as auto CVT were quite poor.

the GLA wasn't on my original list as i wasn't really after an SUV, but happened to walk past one at a dealer and thought it would be ok, drove it for 2 hours, then went and drove the range rovers, Q3 and A4 all road. slept on the decision over night. Ordered a GLA the next day.

The GLA was the quietest on dirt roads, felt the most stable and was comfortable to ride in, the seats fit me perfectly it has decent performance, good enough range great safety features the only thing i didn't love was the transmission from stopped and the stalk shifter. but i don't do much stop start and i'll get over the shifter...

I'm probably one of the few people who buy a GLA and intend to do decent amounts of dirt road driving with it, but here we are.

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Welcome Time, thanks for you view on the audi

For future reference, since we are on topics about seats can you specify the type of seats you have?

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