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Greetings from South Korea! While I personally do not own a GLA, I am searching for information for a friend that does not speak or read English...

That being said, my friend is looking to purchase a quality set of wheel locks (in black) for his GLA 45 AMG. I have noticed that many companies sell their wheel locks by the measurements of the actual lug bolts rather than by model designation of the car. I also have realized that the GLA is so new that other companies have not yet added this model designation to their list(s). Therefore, I thought it best to come to the GLA owners themselves for help with this.

I have searched this forum for any information regarding wheel locks but have not found any threads or posts that address this topic. I would be grateful for any information that you could provide (lug measurements, trusted companies in your opinion, etc.). Perhaps this information would be useful to GLA owners on this forum as well!

Thank you in advance!
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