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Hi all,

I have got a problem with my gla220 4 matic-Auto, the EML Light is on with transmission malfunction in white font on the message when I start the car however messages goes after a while but EML remains on all the way. Car drives normally no issue with the drive of the vehicle, gear changes fine however when slowing and coming to a stop sometimes take a while to go from gear 2 down to 1 and then car makes a noise which you can feel in the car. Really unsure what problem I have with my vehicle. Car ran through diagnostic mentioned gearbox oil sensor- dealership updated gearbox software however same issue is there.

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Try a reset of the transmission.
What does it do? in a nutshell, it resets the ECU/TCU's learned detection of throttle inputs, effectively re-establishing the 0% and 100% pedal travel positions. , ie. quick rabbit starts as opposed to slow takeoffs. it gets used to how you drive.

If you want instant throttle response, you can have it for free.
With the engine off, turn the key to position 2 (don't start it.) or depress the start button twice that all the dash lights come on. Do not have your foot on the brake pedal.
Press the throttle pedal all the way to the floor past the kick-down click.
Hold it down for about 30 seconds.
Take your foot off the pedal and take the key out. or hit the start/stop button to turn off everything.
Wait 5 seconds, and start the car.
I bet you notice the change in response immediately.
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