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Mercedes announced that they will be expanding the AMG brand and will be selecting dealers to upgrade showroom space and receive additional training.

Mercedes is aiming to have 100 AMG performance centers spread across the country, up and running by the end of 2016. The first 10 will come online before January 2016.

The addition of the performance centers is in anticipation of more AMG-Sport vehicles coming in the future. Last year Mercedes sold 11,000 AMG-branded-of-some-sort vehicles in the US and they're up a further 28% this year and they're expecting sharp increases in the future.

Considering Mercedes USA CEO Steve Cannon says he expects every model in the lineup could receive an AMG Sport derivative, their projections sound about right.

Mercedes is asking the selected dealers for a $200,000 investment into show room expansion- they will need an additional 2,000 sq ft- and AMG specific training for employees. Cannon says dealers will be compensated through increased incentives paid out by Mercedes HQ for AMG branded sales.

Dealers will be selected based on their historical AMG sales, performance centers will also receive increased allocations of AMG badged vehicles.

"You need to treat AMG as if it were a Porsche franchise that sits inside your Mercedes-Benz store," Cannon said he's telling dealers. "We need to really step up our game in how we treat the AMG customer and how we treat the AMG brand."
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