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Hi guys.
I'd really appreciate your comment on that.
I'd buy a GLA 200 8 months ago. As soon i drive the car i fell some crackles uphill

Mercedes found and issue in the Shaft End and after 6 months (believe this is the time we need to wait for receive products in Brazil) this item has changed.
Unfortunately this does not solve the issue and they also found that is required to change Steering Box.
After 2 months this was changed and the car still making the crackles.

Is there any similar situation in US market?
No one in Brazil know how to solve the problem and after 9 months i still with a car in this worst situation. I already check in forums in Brazil and there is 5 similar cases.

Tk's for your attention

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Sorry to hear about your problem. I don't recall seeing this exact issue discussed before. There are two similar discussions in the service / maintenance & troubleshooting section that you can find by clicking on "forums" in the menu bar.

One thread discussed a clicking noise coming from the steering wheel or steering column:

The other discussion was on a wheel stutter in tight low speed turns. This may be related to tires in cold weather or the differential. One owner reported an update to the steering software.

Hope one of these helps.
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