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Hi all - 3rd month of ownership, just around 1,000 miles and last week on the center screen "SOS Inoperative" every time I start the car.

I never activated Embrace. it's a new car so no previous registration either. I called the 800 number on the card they keep hassling me with to sign up - can't activate over the phone, must do it from the car.

Ok - hop in car this afternoon to drive into work, figure I'll hit the button. I hit the button and they ask me for my VIN number. REALLY? Are you f'ing kidding me? you don't have this in a database somewhere?

It's like 5 degrees out so I'm not going to sit in the car and do this - I'll do it while driving... or as the case may be not do it while driving. I don't want the trial. I don't want the service. I'm still fuming that I bought my car when it was known that 5 years were free for MY16 cars - mine is a 15. But I bought my car in November when the free notice was given in August. You'd think they'd at least include buyers post August. But I digress.

Ending the rant, I'm now told that I have to take it into the dealer to have it looked at. Swell. That or keep hitting the back button every time I start the car.

Anyone have experienced this and figured out how to just disable it? Sort of Tony Soprano style? I recall an episode of that show where they pulled onstar out of all of Tony's car for very different reasons.

Any advice (or sympathy cards) appreciated.

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