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Hi guys,

So, although I love my GLA 45 -- the wife did not. We have a little one now, and I needed to upgrade to a larger every day car (I still have my 997.2 GTS for fun)...anyway, with that comes all of the stuff I bought for my GLA 45, which is just taking up space in my garage. If you would like pics, I will send them to your email.

1.) Weather Tech Custom Mats
Front & Rear. Condition is perfect, as I only used them for 1/2 of a NJ winter :)
I payed: $179.90
Selling for: $100 + shipping

2.) OEM Mercedes Benz Roof Rack
used once, but I did not like the look so replaced them with THULE roof rack (also on sale).
I payed: $329.00
Selling for: $250 + shipping

3.) Thule Roof Rack (all things necessary to fit the GLA roof rails)
460R Rapid Podium Foot Pack (set of 4) $169.95
ARB 47B Aero Blade Bars 47 inch "black" $199.95
Podium System 4049 $100.00

These are completely assembled. Were on my GLA 45 for about 4months. In perfect condition.

Selling for: $370.00 + shipping

Used for approx 1,000 miles -- Wheels & Tires are Perfect.

Set of (4) OZ Superturismo GT 19x8 (black painted) Wheels
w/mounted & balanced
Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D 235/45-19 Tires

Total I payed from TIRE-RACK = $2565.48

Selling for: $1950.00 plus shipping

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Hi I am interested in the mats and Thule roof rack, can you send pics? I can't figure out how to e-mail you directly.


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Hey, Sorry to hijack but did you find the weathertech's worth it over stock mats? Have a new car coming and trying to decide if I should order some. I would buy yours but I'm in canada with shipping and duty it would kill the price.

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I just wanted to advise that I just recently purchased 4 of the 5 items JohnnyM57 was selling.

They are the WeatherTech floor mats, Thule roof rack, wheels/tires, and an MB car cover.

All items were in fine condition and as advertised.

The seller made the entire transaction easy and issue free.

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