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A follow up to my earlier post last week (regarding the damage to my alloys during the annual snow tyre change), this post is more about the GLA and snow tyre use in general...

I took my car out for a good rive at the weekend to check out the snow tyres. I'd opted for Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyres, they offer good traction in Snow/ice/rain whilst adding extra for down-hill performance (anti-skid slip, etc). They're also fuel efficient (unlike some brands where you use much more fuel), plus they're quieter than some standard snow tyres.

Up to 70mph they drive as normal, over 70+ and you get a slight hum but nothing overly noticeable. Handling is much the same as with the normal tyres, they do seem to offer extra grip in the mud when I was driving up an dirt track which was wet with loose gravel. Motorway travel at 80-90mph was much the same as the normal tyres.

I'll post any new feedback when and if we ever get snow. I'm comparing it to my old cars performance which was a Lexus GS, so I'm sure the GLA will already be a big improvement for road holding...
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