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They say tomorrow is a mystery... Well, not any more, at least not for the world of automotive lights. Regarding the newest Hella invention, the first high-definition digital lighting system, we can expect the future installed on even the base models in less then 3-5 years. Meet revolutionary MATRIX HD84 LED module equipped with 84 LED chips for undeniable long-lasting wow-effect. Watch this vid to ensure that future is already here:

* Three-stage precision optical system;
* Full flexibility and variabilityof all light distributions;
* The first electronic-adaptive low beam;
* Glare-free high beam;
* Safety bonus through permanent use of high beam;
* Precise deactivation of individual LED chips;
* Traffic sign recognition;
* Reduced glare through traffic sign recognition;
* Adverse Weather Light;
* Reduced glare effects in wet road conditions;
* Avoid glare of oncoming traffic;
* Bend Light;
* World first electronic light within low beam;
* Early recognition of obstacles when entering a bend;
* Predictive bend light based on camera data;
* The new dimension of headlamp technology;

Isn't that great to forget about the risk of being blinded on the road by oncoming vehicles?! Would you install them on your car?

Of course these Headlights are not available yet. By now you can check the wide selection of Hella Automotive Lighting at CARiD:
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