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Should the GLA-Class have looked more like this?

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Ew, no! I prefer what they came out with, and judging by our grill discussion, I'm one who prefers a more masculine appearance. That first car looks like it should have a little kid standing behind it with a remote control.
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That just doesn't look like a cross over anymore. I have never been a fan of the Mercedes SUVs with that boxy frame. I'm glad that they went in the direction that they did with the GLA. I think the car is beautiful. Especially in that brown.

The top rendering looks like the red power ranger went out a got a Mercedes.
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I know I am digging this up from 2 years ago but I think the first one should be the next gen GLK.
My thought exactly, looks much like a GLK.
No. I like the look of the boxy one, but I love the look of the GLA.
I wouldn't mind that boxy look once Mercedes is ready to roll out a next generation design language, but for that we'll have to wait a decade or more.
My thought exactly, looks much like a GLK.
Yah really wish that is the new GLK especially after seeing spy shots of the new GLS (to replace the GL-class) and along with the GLE (replacing the M-class), everything is just looking like a bigger version of each other.

I get it that they want a consistent design and everyone is doing it but the GLK could have just been a baby G-Wagen.

I know they had a plan for a baby G-Wagen as well (called GLB?) but I have a feeling the Energ-G Force SUV concept they showed a few years back isn't going to go anywhere.

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It's possible that once these hit the road and they need some marketing material to let potential owners get a real feel for what was done, then maybe we'll see their reasons behind the design, connecting dots and making sense of it.
I don't think that the GLA should look like that render in the OP, but I do think that it would be somewhat nice to not have the GLA look so similar to the QX30 when that comes out.

A smaller more GLK looking SUV could be really cool. It would be a nice design to see coming out of Mercedes. It would have more cargo space, which is a benefit given it is a utility vehicle.
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I am trying to imagine how the GLA would look as a 3-door, I kind of like how the Evoque is done.

Found this PS and while not very refined PS job, I think the concept is kind of cool.
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