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IMO dealer service A & B are a scam and just another strike from the stealership.

You should look for the most reputable indi shop in the area and try to build a relationship with them. A good indi in your back pocket is IMO the best peace of mind to ensure preventative maintenance gets done on schedule while not getting clobbered over the head by the bills. My indi changes engine oil with Motul for 60% of what the dealer charges.

Here’s a dealer example…

Engine air filter is called for for every 10k miles in a 45, so technically every service it goes in for. Call up your dealer and ask how much it is for parts + labor for the filter, I bet it’s over $100 and close to $150. You can get genuine filters for about $40 bucks online, so every single time you’re sticking to your dealer A + B service you’re throwing them at least an extra $100 to undo four T25 screws, twist a filter 60 degrees, and hook the new one in.
Wiper blades are another up sell that gets ‘packaged’ in with A + B for another easy $100 grab.

So a final opinion is that A + B might be good for someone who’s never had their hood opened up and don’t know where the dipstick is, and Mercedes definitely knows there’s these type of people, but if you learn to be a partial lube tech for your filters and find a good indi you’re going to save a good chunk of money.
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