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Second time around intro....

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Hey everyone,

I thought I submitted my initial intro a few days ago and apparently it got lost in cyberspace!? So hopefully second time is a charm.

I am located outside of Toronto and am flying to Montreal tomorrow to take over a lease on a 2015 GLA 45 AMG. The financial incentive was so huge, it was a no brainer to fly up on an Airmiles ticket and drive it home.

Very excited to pick up my new Top Fuel road rocket!

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Hello there. I'm new here too. Hopefully getting my '16 GLA45 early next month.

Congratulations to my fellow Ontarian! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the car. Pics are appreciated too!

Pic's at dealership today....

I have pictures sent this morning from the dealership. However I am unable to "drag and drop" the pic's. Any advice?
You need to have a picture host site such as (one of many)… once image load copy IMG source and paste into your post or you can use the Insert Image icon and paste in URL for image source
Thanks for the instructions. Currently I don't have a picture host site and my schedule is to cramped to get that done in short order.
So, I picked up my GLA 45 yesterday in Montreal and drove it home which is about 700km. What a GREAT vehicle!!! This thing is a blast to drive. Blind spot assist is great. Not that I really care, but 7.5L/100km at 118km/h is great. Road feel is solid and off course the loud pedal rocks!

The biggest epiphany though, was what I perceived as throttle response delay. I am guessing everyone else figured it out pretty fast; at a stop or very low speed it sounds and feels like a manual transmission which much to my surprise, I really enjoy. However, my Racer Start is not working even though I thoroughly read the instructions and so I will call the dealer to see if I am messing it up or there is a setting that needs to be reset. I really like launching hard out of the hole and will still likely get the Rebellion TRS.
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