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How to remove/replace vanity and courtesy light bulbs and fixtures.

Stupid post, right? I've replaced European suspension parts, valve trains, head gaskets, oil pumps, ... pretty much everything but transmission work. But trying to get the vanity fixture out of my headliner was kicking my butt. It looked simple, but it felt like I was applying too much pressure. I just wanted it out in one piece. Web searches found nothing useful (which made me feel even stupider).

Finally, my GLA250 now has daylight colored CANBUS LEDs in the vanity mirrors instead of those yellowish, weaksauce incandescents it came with.

1) Pry from the outer edge of the fixture (driver side, left edge ... pass side, right edge) with inward pressure to relax the clip. The inner edge is the wiring harness.

2) The bulb is easier to replace if you remove the fixture. A simple thumb press of the black male end above the white female connection.

3) Install is the reverse. Harness end first, snap in.

4) Light doesn't work? Make sure the visor is snapped into its retainer (see metal contacts in last image). The vanity light will not illuminate if the visor is swung toward the side window (safety "feature").


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