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From GLA's Indian debut at Auto Expo. Havent seen a red one yet...

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Looks good in red to me, still not sure what color i'd go with.
Do you know what the differences between the U.S. and Indian market GLA will be?
looks sharp

which mercedes red is this? i believe its a single stage red ?
I wish I knew, every website I check doesn't say what exact red it is aside from it being a "Flashy Red" lol
I feel like almost every Benz that I see is silver. And if its not, it is definitely not red. I'm not sure if red really suits Mercedes' designs though. Not my favorite color on the GLA, but its nice to see something other than red.
Anddd googling Juniper red brings NOTHING!
here's what I found!

searching "Juniper red mercedes" brings up that
i think its called jupiter red, its been really popular on CLA and A.

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I think this started out as a typo, at least now we know the real name.
It's an amazing red, sadly red fades like crazy.
patagonia red or jupiter red which is better
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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