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I did the install in September. At the time the hitches didn't specify the GLA 250. I was checking a month ago and noticed that they now specify 250. I'm not sure when it was put on there. When I bought the car I was under the impression I would be able to put a hitch on it, same as you. I do triathlons so it was important that I am able to transport my bike. Luckily for me, tri bikes are super lightweight and I can easily lift it up to a roof rack.

No ETA on StealthHitch. Not even sure if it's compatible with a 45. It was just a short video of them fitting a hitch onto the '21 GLA with a comment reply stating that they halted development on it. This was Feb '21. Video is linked below.

I have a Stealth hitch on my 2015 GLA45. They sent me the 2015 GLA250 hitch. The only difference was the dropdown piece. I had Stealth custom make it after I gave them the measurements. Had to cut a a very small piece of the defuser grom the inside and not visible from outside.
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