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Rebellion ECU, TRS & CAI arrived today

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I just received my package from Rebellion and am psyched to feel the transformation. Hopefully the brutal throttle delay will be eliminated as I am tired of having Smart Cars get me off the line.

I will post a review shortly after putting a bit of mileage on it. I probably should have ordered another set of tires:D
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So it turns out there was a shipping error. They sent the ECU & TRS, but sent a TCU instead of the intake. So I am waiting a few more days for the intake and might decide to buy the TCU as well!? I did not plan on spending more, but it is hard to send it back when it is in your possession and because of the error, they are offering me a bit of a deal.

I might hold off on the install of the components and do a before and after at the local drag strip. Run it bone stock several times. Then add the ECU, TCU, TRS & intake and take it back to the strip and see how big of a difference it is. That way it would be transparent and irrefutable what results you can get from these mods.

Anyone ever do the TCU and have any input?
what year is the car? I think the TCU would benefit the 2015 more than 16s
It is a 2015. The dealer did all the updates in response to my complaints of severe throttle delay.
What updates did you have done at the dealer?

I told the dealer the throttle delay was terrible. They said they did all updates available as of mid January 2016. Specifically transmission and ECU. It made absolutely no difference.
Thx for the response. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Rebellion bits once installed.
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