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No Radio sound AM/FM

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When I got my 2015 GLA45 I had no sound on any input except the sat(sirius)

I checked everything (fuse/optical loop...) and plugged it back and it Worked for a bit and went off again when I put back in the unit completely. So my first guess was a lose wiring but all seems good on this side.

I checked the diagnostic and got 2 error on the ground of the antenna. If anyone knows where to check or troubleshoot those ground. I checked in the rear and cannot find them. Is it part of the windshield since it has been changed recently?
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Do you have an aftermarket screen? It may be possible that is causing the issue. I wouldn't be surprised if the wiring or a connector in the aftermarket is faulty. did you have this issue before replacing the screen?
Yes I had this before the replacement and it was working briefly even after the replacement for the first time.
From the diagram I can see there is a splitter some where, I think It's coming from that sincd the sound was cutting while I was moving the Headunit. Otherwise It's the Headunit itself but it looks good from what I see.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts