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Newbie here need help GLA250 2018 tires need replacement do I need run flat tires

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Hello All!
Love my car but at my C service dealer says I need all new tires.
Cost almost $2,000 at dealer and wondering if I can switch to non run flats as they may cost less and I really don鈥檛 drive much.
What would this entail with settings etc?
Any advice and expertise greatly appreciated
Thank you 馃檹
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You could get run flat tires that are not MOE or from the dealer. I quite like the Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires on the BMW X3, all season run-flats with good winter performance. Personally, I will be getting Michelin PS4s when the time comes. Excellent performance summer tires that are suitable for track use as well.
I鈥檝e been running on Bridgestone run flats and may never go back to a traditional tire. Yes, the ride is harsher, but where I have to go on a daily basis for my job I encounter many road hazards.
Yes, price is a consideration (my set ran $1400), but you have to weigh that against your convenience. It鈥檚 worth it to me not to have to jack up a car for every little nail.

Other considerations: Some manufacturers will not patch a run flat, but I found that more for the performance profiles like Pirelli. I鈥檝e had my Bridgestone鈥檚 patched on multiple occasions, but typically only a Bridgestone dealer will do it. Also, the limitations differ between manufacturers 鈥 mine are warranted to go up to 50 miles at up to 50 mph. Check this thread for just how much damage you can do and still drive on a run flat.

I also got the road hazard certificates (another $300) so all my patches and replacements have been free. Just last weekend I picked up a nail 鈥 drove to the tire place on 8 psi, waited about 20 minutes and I was back on the road again. Sure beats having to change a spare in the rain or messing with a can of 鈥渇ix a flat鈥 goop and portable compressor.

And there is no 鈥渕agic鈥 the dealer will do to warrant buying tires from them. TPMS sensors/valves get replaced with the tires and at least where I go (Discount Tire), they reset the computer (my Bridgestone鈥檚 run at about 48 psi whereas the original Conti鈥檚 ran at 32 psi).
Agreed. The convenience of run-flats is unparalleled and in many cases justifies the cost. While it's true that many places won't patch run-flats, they can be done at the right place or for the right amount of money.
My mom's X3 had a flat, dealer said they wouldn't patch it and replacement was all they'd do. The tires only had 4K kms on them (new car), so $500 for a new tire made no sense. I had to call around and pay a little more money, but I got it done. There are patches now specifically for run-flats. My dad used to have an X5 about 10 years ago when run-flats were not very common and only found on cars like European imports. It cost about $80 CAD, so a bit pricey but bad compared to the cost of replacement.
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