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Newbie here need help GLA250 2018 tires need replacement do I need run flat tires

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Hello All!
Love my car but at my C service dealer says I need all new tires.
Cost almost $2,000 at dealer and wondering if I can switch to non run flats as they may cost less and I really don’t drive much.
What would this entail with settings etc?
Any advice and expertise greatly appreciated
Thank you 🙏
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I’ve been running on Bridgestone run flats and may never go back to a traditional tire. Yes, the ride is harsher, but where I have to go on a daily basis for my job I encounter many road hazards.
Yes, price is a consideration (my set ran $1400), but you have to weigh that against your convenience. It’s worth it to me not to have to jack up a car for every little nail.

Other considerations: Some manufacturers will not patch a run flat, but I found that more for the performance profiles like Pirelli. I’ve had my Bridgestone’s patched on multiple occasions, but typically only a Bridgestone dealer will do it. Also, the limitations differ between manufacturers – mine are warranted to go up to 50 miles at up to 50 mph. Check this thread for just how much damage you can do and still drive on a run flat.

I also got the road hazard certificates (another $300) so all my patches and replacements have been free. Just last weekend I picked up a nail – drove to the tire place on 8 psi, waited about 20 minutes and I was back on the road again. Sure beats having to change a spare in the rain or messing with a can of “fix a flat” goop and portable compressor.

And there is no “magic” the dealer will do to warrant buying tires from them. TPMS sensors/valves get replaced with the tires and at least where I go (Discount Tire), they reset the computer (my Bridgestone’s run at about 48 psi whereas the original Conti’s ran at 32 psi).
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