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Lol, the ol’ classic ‘don’t post anything but nice things about my car, I don’t take criticism well’ type.. maybe the jdm comment was a little low but I stand by the smoker grate look 😅. If you’re going to post on a public forum and expect/only accept positive comments then don’t post at all.. see, it works both ways.

& lol not salty, the car would actually look good without the aero kit, I like nardo grey and the fitment is nice… enjoy all your power & don’t forget to give granny a voucher for gapplebee’s at the red light.
At least you used the formal "JDM" (Japanese Domestic Market) and not the derogatory slang that is more typically associated. Thanks. ;)

"Salty" in some circles simply means well experienced (USMC, Merchant Marine, and general nautical for instance). (y)
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