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Hi guys,

just introducing myself as a new member here. I had previously owned a CLA250 Sport 4Matic (2017) and have just traded up to a GLA35 (2021) due to a growing family :)

I took delivery of the car yesterday and the whole buying and upgrade progress was fantastic and a breeze - literally only took a week from ordering to delivering.

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Grille

Tire Wheel Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle

Speedometer Vehicle Steering part Car Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Grille Hood Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Fully kitted, inside and out, with multiple packages and in the gorgeous Patagonia Red Metallic! My CLA was also red (Jupiter Red) and my wife really wanted me to get another red car. Can't say I'm disappointed. She's now just finishing up her paint correction at my detailer and I'll be finally be able to take her for a bit of a drive.

I have plans for some mods but at a much slower rate than my CLA250 which was fully modified with exhaust, downpipe, tune, external mods etc. First things first would probably be a resonator delete on this time because I really wish the sound from the exhaust was a bit more aggressive. Especially for an AMG-enhanced vehicle like the GLA35. It doesn't sound anywhere as aggressive as an A35 or CLA35 which within the same family!

And here's some photos of my old CLA250 which was traded in (for an incredible buy-back price I must add!)
Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

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