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New Dutch member 🥳

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Hi all,

I’m Domenico, based in the Netherlands and a proud owner of a Merc GLA 180.

I have bought the car stock, first thing I did is a ECU chiptuning. Went from 122 to 180 HP, drives really good.

Then I changed the grill, mirror blinkers and door lights.
I also changed the front and rear logo.

I have also bought 20” Riviera rims.

i’m looking for a nice diffuser to upgrade the car, any suggestions?


  • full ambient interior lights
  • de-chrome ( wrap chrome parts)

Wheel Tire Vehicle Grille Hood

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Car

Head Car Land vehicle Vehicle Grille

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Grille

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Sky

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire
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Welcome, looks good! Brabus used to make one, I don't know if they are still available.
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Stuur is een foto met die velgen erop ik heb ook net een gla gehaald night edition met de zwarte amg velgen maar vind ze niet zo interessant

[The steering wheel is a picture with those rims on it, I also just got a gla night edition with the black amg rims, but I don't find them that interesting. -We appreciate English only posting on this forum.]
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gefeliciteerd 🥳 mooie auto bro!

ik heb de velgen er nu nog niet onder, als ik ze heb geplaatst zal ik een foto uploaden.

veel veilige kilometers!

[congratulations nice car bro!

I don't have the rims under it yet, when I have placed them I will upload a photo.

many safe kilometers! -We appreciate English only posting on this forum.]
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very happy with my 20inch wheels. Need eibach pro kit to lower my GLA

Wheel Tire Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting
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