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I was looking at a low mileage Porsche Panamerica, my heart loved it but I saw a dealers demo GLA 250 4 matic on super sale, drove it and my head said buy it.

One thing was not only did they cut off another $2000 off the list price (total $6,000 off) and gave me an extra $1000 for my trade in, and best of all 1.99% interest rate. The wife refused to drive the Lincoln Navigator, she loves the GLA.

Previously owned a 1969 200 SEL 6.3, 1975 SEL450, 2003 C230K AMG, 2001 ML320, 1999 S600, 2003 S500, and have a 1977 SLC 450 in my garage with 33,000 original miles.
I have never owned a white car, but here in Lost Wages Nevada white cars stay cooler, going to put a Meguires NXT wax job on it. Might change the grill to the diamond one.

Normally I would upgrade the wheels to 20 or 21 inch and the tires to W rated summer ultra high performance tires. But since I will be going to Mt. Charlestown just a couple miles away, lots of cars get turned back needing 4 wheel drive and chains due to the snow. So the stock 18 inch wheels and run flat tires are perfect for going to the snow.
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