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I just purchased a used (2015 Aug manufactured, invoiced in early 2016) GLA 200d Sport with 6000kms on it. I got it for 28.5 lakhs. 1.5 years of manufacturers warranty is still there. The first owner did not do any service yet but the vehicle is in a good condition. Did I overpay? I wonder.

I am also considering taking a 5 year CompactPlus coverage (mercedesservicepackageconfigurator indian website) costing Rs.2.7lakhs. Is it worth it? Does anyone have any experience with it?

I am also considering the 2 year extended warranty as I basically hope to keep the vehicle for 5 years (I still have my 1.6l Polo Highline which does a good job). Any experience or guidance on whether the extended warranty is worth it?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and guidance.
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