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More GLA spy shots with interior

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Mercedes GLA spied again testing, this time we get a sneak peek at the GLA's interior, as well as a better look at body shape and tail lights

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For a crossover the GLA has a really impressive looking dashboard which will possibly be the best in it's segment. Now im even more excited to see what interior fabric, color, trim, etc options will be like :D
I found another shot of the Mercedes GLA interior. Enjoy!

Thats funny they have different clusters. I wonder if one is the AMG. even interior finishes, one is a glossy painted look, while the other has a more carbon-y look to it
There are definitely differences between the two interiors, but they are pretty slight. Is it possible that two different test models would have different interiors? It is also possible that they are actually two different models.
I like just about everything with the design, i have been keeping up with the latest vehicle developments going on at MB and everything about the GLA stays consistent with everything from the CLA up to S-Class.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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