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Mercedes to add Head-Up-Displays to new models

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Mercedes-Benz has finally decided to offer Head-Up Displays as options on its upcoming 2014 S-Class and next generation C-Class. This technology projects car information onto the windshield, like speed, RPM, and navigation. Initially, Mercedes-Benz was nervous that the technology could be distracting to drivers, but with other companies using the technology, and other industries as well (Google,) I guess MB finally decided to join the party. In order for MB to make money on the option it has to off it on a variety of models, so hopefully we will see it offered on the GLA soon.

Would you want this technology on your GLA, and do you think it could be distracting to drivers?
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First car I experience this tech in was an E60 BMW M5, to me it's not one bit distracting, i actually find that it helps you keep your eyes on the road since the info is already straight ahead where you would look to see where you're going.

Do you know if it would come standard or be optional on the GLA? If an option, what do you think the cost will be like? $500? $1000?
At first it will not come on the GLA. Truthiness said above that it will first be released on the S-Class and C-Class as an option. It will still be a while till this comes standard I think. Right now it is definitely a luxury option. Not sure on the cost though. $500-$100 sounds about right. Couldn't see it being any less expensive. i wonder how well the first version of it will be. It might not be worth getting until MB has a little longer to refine the technology.
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