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Mercedes GLA to be new Compact Crossover Aimed at BMW X1

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The Mercedes-Benz crossover previously named the GLC will actually become the GLA – a compact model aimed to take on the BMW X1.

It was originally believed in the German automaker’s new convoluted naming scheme that the GLA would be more of an X6 competitor, but now details show that the compact crossover will share its Mercedes front-wheel drive architecture (MFA) with this year’s new A-Class and B-Class.

In terms of dimensions, the GLA will closely resemble the B-Class and its exterior dimensions will make it slightly longer, narrower, and lower than the Range Rover Evoque or Audi Q3 while maintaining a longer wheelbase than both. Compared to the BMW X1 however, the GLA will be slightly shorter.

As for what will power the compact crossover, it’s believed the German automaker will utilize the same four-cylinder powerplants seen in the current A- and B-Class models. Sources say that the GLA model will arrive later on in 2013.

This car will be a part of Mercedes-Benz push into the small luxury car segment.

[Source: CAR]
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