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Mercedes-Benz had its best-ever month of vehicle sales this September. That is mostly due to the launch of new models and increasing demand in China. Sales were up to 162,746 vehicles in September, which is a rise of 14%.

It was also the best-ever quarter of sales for Mercedes-Benz this third quarter. The brand saw a 12% rise in sales for the third quarter bringing their total up to 412,000. Mercedes saw its Chinese sales jump 24% in September and 30.5% in the first nine month of the year to 203,485.

Mercedes also beat out BMW for the US monthly sales crown in September. It outsold BMW by 1,729 units.

This is all on the road towards Mercedes beating its record year last year of 1.46 million cars sold.

Mercedes-Benz reports best-ever month for vehicle sales in September 2014
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