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Two chances to win, with two contests!

***Contest 1***

#GLAPacked: Pack Your Mercedes-Benz GLA

You could win one of
5 featured cargos*
Pick the #GLApacked that best fits
your life, for your chance to win a
collection of items inspired by that inventory.
Which "cargo" did you choose? I chose the golf cargo:

***Contest 2***

The All-New 2015 GLA - Mercedes-Benz #GLAPacked | Share your #GLApacked

Share your GLApacked for your chance to win a road trip*
Show us how you would pack the GLA for a dream road trip. If your inventory best captures the multi-dimensional spirit of the GLA, you could be going on a luxurious adventure this September.*

Find a clear surface that is about 54" x 45"
You don’t have to get out the tape measure, an approximation is okay.

What you have a chance to win

A Mercedes-Benz travel and events concierge will work with you to create a three-day road trip in the GLA. The trip will take place in late September, and be inspired by the cargo you picked.

It will include

Flights to and from a start destination, for you and a companion
Luxury accommodations
Spending money
3 days with the GLA

The total value of the trip will be up to $10,000.
We would love to share some of your best pics from the trip with the Mercedes-Benz community on Facebook and Instagram.​
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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