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Mercedes-Benz GLA vs. BMW X1

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Found a comparison of the BMW X1 and the Mercedes-Benz GLA and I thought i would post some of the bullet points plus a link to the full article. Here it goes...

- The GLA has a superior drag coefficient at 0.29 whilst the X1 has a drag coefficient of 0.32. Not a big difference really.

- The X1 is heavier than the GLA by close to 200 pounds.

- The X1 has better interior space, especially in the backseat when compared to the GLA.

- While the Mercedes' back seat can leave you feeling claustrophobic because of its windows' low profiles and high shoulder lines, the GLA has a bit nicer looking interior overall, not that the BMW has a bad interior or anything.

- The GLA can hold less than the X1. 1,235 liters of cargo compared to 1,350 liters respectively.

- "Going over the engines, the X1 range (being launched in 2009) got to an impressive number of options, for all kinds of people and, in general, with more power and better fuel efficiency numbers than the GLA offerings, currently limited to 4 options. Another advantage is the all-wheel-drive drivetrain (or rear-wheel-drive for a few models) that is far superior to the FWD design of the Merc (optional 4Matic on the GLA220 model)."

Here are some links to more in depth comparisons. One is in German so I hope your Google Translate is working properly.

BMW X1 vs Mercedes-Benz GLA Quick Comparison [Photo Gallery] - BMW Power

BMW X1 und Mercedes GLA: Premium-SUV im Schlagabtausch - AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT
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gla seems slightly bigger.

Any interior shots?

I know i am biased but I don't like how the X1 looks.
everytime I see the X1 I'm in awe of how badly BMW fugged it. They could of had a real world beater and cornered the market before Benz or Audi even got in but they went ahead and brought out this abortion of an X3...
Has anyone seen any crash rating comparisons between the two?
Has anyone seen any crash rating comparisons between the two?
Has the GLA been through NCAP yet? I don't recall seeing it...
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