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I do feel the front fascia has been a lot older for the GLA45 at least just because it has been use on the A-Class and CLA and it also doesn't help that the CLAs are all over the place (in the US at least, can't go a mile without seeing one).

It's still an overall good design though body-wise but reviews has been somewhat 50/50, the 250 version still looks like a raised hatch than an small SUV.

A refresh on the A-Class is due later this year and it'll likely be adapted to the GLA next year (or a year after that) but in the end, MB could mess up the new look? Features will likely be better (read in another forum that keyless go might be part of the premium package next year) but look-wise, I think it'll be a real minor change and that just doesn't guarantee it'll look better. In the US I think it won't be too big of a deal because many here do not really bother checking what else is offered outside the country and wouldn't be surprised if majority doesn't even know the A-Class exist.
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