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Here's what the mbrace Connect package includes (this is from the company site):

Standard with any 2016 Mercedes-Benz or newer, mbrace Connect gives you remote access to your vehicle from your phone or desktop. Set alerts, start your vehicle, search Google or Yelp, save time when servicing, and get roadside assistance whenever you need it. Services include:
Remote Start*†
Remote Door Lock & Unlock**
Remote Horn & Lights
Vehicle Finder
Roadside Assistance Connection
Remote Diagnostic Test
Valet Protect*
Message Center*
Dealer Information
Curfew Minder
Speed Alert
Driving Journal
Travel Zones
My Mercedes Electric Vehicle Homepage
Google™ Local Search
Point-of-Interest Download
Morningstar® Finance
Flight Information
Movie Showtimes
Gas Stations & Fuel Prices
Traffic Cameras
HRS Hotel Search
RSS Newsfeeds
e-Navigator (EV/PHEV models)
Not quite sure why a few of the included functions are needed but it's free.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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