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Is the CLA 45 faster than GLA 45 both on stage 2?

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Hello all, I have a 2017 GLA 45 with intake, DP, midpipe, catback exhaust, upgraded center and side radiators, and AMS intercooler. I'm running ECC stage 2 tune. My buddy who has a 2018 CLA 45 only has an intake and DP with the same ECC stage 2 tune. He's slightly faster than me on a roll. What's going on here? How is he faster on the same tune when I have way more bolt ons? Can someone explain?
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CLA45, as a sedan/saloon, is lighter and more aerodynamic than the GLA45 SUV. That would be my guesstimate.
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Agree, it's lighter but just a bit, as I recall maybe 50lbs, but also more aero, so 1/4 or to some higher speed CLA always rated faster. Of course back then, I saw the CLA and thought..."if they only made this in a hot hatch, because the back seat head room was not good in CLA and no hatch, no fold down seat to haul stuff. Why I immediately bought a GLA 45 coming off lease, for useability and speed.
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