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Hmm. I found a number of posts on the Internet where reviewers and users could not get the USB to iOS connection to work. That said, do you have a Media Interface conector? If so you could just connect it that way and it should be recognized as that connection should support Gen 4 iPods per the docs (below).

More info on the Media Interface Plus option

Does the Media Interface Plus support my mobile phone or iPods® / iPhone®?
- The MIP supports the following iPods® and iPhones® for audio and video functionality:
iPod® Gen. 3 iPod® video
iPod® Gen. 4 iPod® classic
iPod® Gen. 5 iPod® touch
iPod® mini iPhone® Gen. 1
iPod® U2 iPhone® 3G
iPod® photo iPhone® 3GS
iPod® nano Gen. 1 iPhone® 4
iPod® nano Gen. 2 iPod® nano Gen. 3

*Please ensure that the latest software version has been installed for all iPods® / iPhones®. Steering wheel controls and the central controller are available.

Additional video cable required (sold separately – availability expected for early November). Should the Audio Volume with iPod® Video function be low please go to the Video Menu in the COMAND and select Audio > Boost. The iPod® / iPhone® Video functionality is not supported by CL– and S– Class vehicles.


General notes
In extreme cases, starting up individual functions can take up to several minutes – this depends on the external device and its content (e.g. video podcasts). Only use the original software to save files on iPods® or MP3 players. Otherwise, some or all functions may not be available.

Some additional info about Media Interface from 2010:
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