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Interesting Info about the Diesel

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Yes I know the GLA is not getting a diesel this side of the Atlantic, but this is not so much a gripe with the diesel not coming over but a look at WHY the diesel isn't coming over. And don't give me this nonsensical Americans don't buy diesels, because guess what, AMERICANS AREN'T SOLD DIESELS HOW COULD THEY BUY THEM....

right back on track, first things first I recommend reading TTAC's coverage of the Diesel debacle Four-Cylinder Diesel For Mercedes CLA and GLA Won’t Cross The Pond | The Truth About Cars Including the comments, TTAC is quite a knowledgeable community that generally avoids overt fanboy-ism of their favorite pointy starred play thing.

In Euroland the CLA and GLA (eventually) are available with diesel plants in variants pumping out 136 and 170 horses respectively. Ok, cool. Renault built the engines, wait WHAT? Yes the base engines in the CLA and GLA in Europe are sourced from Renault.... margin hunting.

I can already hear you clattering, so what Renault builds the engines what does that have to do with us in America? How glad I am you asked...

See Diesel engines need urea injection systems to reduce NOx (nitrogen oxide) concentration in Diesel exhaust and Mercedes has said that the urea system required in NA would cost to much to fit the vehicle with... Well they mean cost too much to fit under $29,999..

From TTAC:

Once upon a time, Mercedes-Benz would have built their own engine, made it comply with our regulations, and charged whatever they felt was fair — but that strategy no longer works in this market and it certainly wouldn’t work with a car that’s currently being advertised with “$29,999″ all over it. Still, the idea that this car is priced and sliced so thin that there isn’t the margin to fit a French diesel is enough to give those of us who have owned the old Benzes pause.
disagree with me all you will but you know and i know exactly what happens when the beancounters run the party...
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Really? You even argue about a heads up regarding a dupe thread? Alcatraz already brought up your point. Thought you'd want to join the conversation. My mistake.

No diesel because it would cost Benz too much money to make the engine meet US regulations. That cost would raise the price of the GLA and the last thing that Benz wants to do is make the price of the GLA higher.

And that is about the long and short of it.
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