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Hi Everyone ... Looking towards the future a bit

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Thinking about the GLA and have it on the short list. I like the way it looks currently ... but I wish it had the surround view system on it. I noticed that when the Infiniti QX30 debuts the surround view will be an option for it. This makes me wonder if possibly Mercedes will have it on the 2017 GLA to be competitive?

Also, I looked at the photos of the 2017 GLA testings which are still camouflaged ... showing what seem to be new head and tail light renditions. If they are similar to the European A class "improvements" I'm not sure I find them appealing .. whereas the look of the 2016 I like very much with the bi-xenons and the current tail lights.

A few of the websites that give out the barest of details mention that the 2017 will have more technology. Dilemma is take the 2016 for its aesthetics or wait for the 2017 and compromise looks for more goodies. And would a diesel version ever show up here in California?? :) Any input appreciated. Cheers.
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Can't help with the tech versus looks deliberation but hard to imagine that MB will import diesels to the US for small cars post-VW scandal.
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