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[HELP] strong shuttering/vibration

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Unfortunately this is my introduction post to the site. I picked up a used GLA45 last week. 2015 w/7K mi. I am experiencing a very strong shutter/vibration when taking sharp left/right turns at slow speeds. It is particularly bad when the vehicle has just been started after sitting for an hour or so. I am in Minnesota so perhaps the cold air is adding to it, but either way it feels like something is terribly wrong.

The research I've done has pointed to a power steering fluid issue or a binding transfer case. I brought the vehicle in to my local MB dealer and was sorta bounced around. First I was told by the service rep that the transfer case is still breaking in because the car only has 7K miles on it, when it came back from the tech he reported that the car was functioning normally (again, the problem seems to improve as the car warms up/drives for a bit). Then the service rep told me there is a known service bulletin about this issue and MB/AMG are working on it. That's it, he didn't really offer any solutions. He told me "come back in if it continues to bother you".

Well it's already continued to bother me so I have contacted the rep again and am waiting to hear back.

I'm wondering if any of you have experienced anything similar to this? If you have any other guesses of what might be the cause? And if you have any advice on how to handle this with the dealership from here out?

I do not want to return my purchase to the dealer but needless to say I am more than a little concerned that my very expensive purchase is already having issues.

*I purchased the car from a BMW dealership up the street from MB so it was not certified but its obviously under full warranty, and I believe I have a certain amount of time to return the vehicle.
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Welcome NightStar! Did you check some of the discussion topics in the search function (upper right box)? Here's one thread that might have some relevance to you as you look through it, probably others:

Please keep us posted on what you learn.
Thanks turbolink!

That sounds like a different issue from what I am experiencing. I did find this thread after making my post:

That sounds like the same issue I am having, so hopefully the cold weather and the high performance tires are what is causing the issue. Other than this little hiccup I am absolutely loving the GLA45.
Hi nightstar
I also think that it's not down to the tyres, the drive shafts had to be replaced on my car (because they failed?)then this problem started.
It got progressively worse to the point it was doing it round corners or roundabouts, even pulling out of a parking space it would lurch to the side.
It did it really bad about 2 weeks ago then through the back end round 180deg so I was facing wrong way.(doing35mph on a roundabout) how we didn't hit anything!.
Took back to dealership and waiting for mbuk
BE Carefull!!!
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