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my GLA250 is a 2015 which is my wifes DD, I use it sometimes. My DD and weekend hauler is a 2006 VW Touareg V8, because our second car needs to be able to tow. The MB replaced 2 cars, my Subaru Sti :( and wifes Subaru Forester.

We were originally planning to replace the VW, and the GLK 250 was an option, eventually I kept that and downsized the wifes car to the GLA. The other alternative was a Land Rover Discovery Sport which I actually had and cancelled to get the Benz. We also considered (instead of the GLA) an Audi Q3, Q5 and BMW X3. Instead of the Touareg I looked at dozens of SUVs and decided to keep it instead.

Our GLA is loaded up with most of the options available, including the nappa bucket seats which are nice, and the twin spoke alloys. I had a loaner from MB today actually and it was a B250 which was a terrible drive compared to the GLA, I was so much happier driving the GLA home after being in the B250. Overall we are happy with the GLA. Its small inside but drives great and is excellent on gas which was a big reason to go with it for me.

We have 2 gripes and they are 1) no backup camera. The 2014 had it and when we ordered it we thought we would get one, and were pretty annoyed when told it was off the list. I prefer mirrors but my wife nearly cancelled the deal over this. 2) just to add to the frustration when reversing, the backup sensors are not sensitive enough - they only start beeping when impact is imminent, like 6 inches away.

I have had several cars, 36 I think at latest count, so I would consider myself a car person. I've had a couple of MB before but this is my first experience of a new MB, and so far, apart from the 2 gripes, we are happy


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