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So, unlike many posts in this section lately, this is not SPAM!

I'm from the Raleigh area of NC. Looking to buy a car later this year and while I'm considering several, the GLA 45 AMG is certainly up there. I currently drove a 2004 MINI Cooper S and even at its small size, I find the hatch to be very useful, so the GLA appeals to that part of me. I'm also looking at the Alfa 4c (though their launch is a mess with no communication to dealers and crazy dealers who don't seem to want to sell cars but don't mind spamming you to death with Fiat emails.), Audi S5 or SQ5 (though it's so pedestrian looking and common compared to the GLA IMO) and maybe the Jaguar F-Type at the high end.. So, a classic choice between completely not sensible and more convenient cars.

I like how the GLA is really more of a hatch than an SUV. Even knowing how not tall it was, standing beside one was quite interesting and that was a GLA 250 which I understand is a few inches taller than the AMG.

Hopefully I'll get lots of good information here.
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