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GT Grille Install on my 2019 GLA45 (with front 360 camera)

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I finally got a chance to install the GT grille in my 2019 GLA45. My car has the 360 camera along with Distronic and collision avoidance. I was able to modify the replacement grill to keep the front camera and everything else is working great!

I've seen lots of people ask about installing the grille and keeping the camera. It can be done, but you need to make some changes. I ended up cutting out part of my stock grille and fitting that to the new one then 3D printing some pieces to fit it and replace the rib in the grille. I think it turned out great!

I also made a video showing the install along with how I modified the grille in case anyone is interested in the process.


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Nicely done, subscribed! You can barely even tell there's been a modification. Maybe a YouTube giveaway for the OEM grille?

Instead of cutting the factory camera mount thing, I think I would've used a moldable putty like Sugru or something to get the shape of the camera mount, cut away the centre bar from the aftermarket grille and adjusted the mount's dimensions in CAD to fit in the space. Also print the centre bar in to the same piece so it's all one.
I'm sure there are a few ways to do it. I originally planned to print a new camera bezel and mount, but decided to go this route in the interest of time. Even in person you can't tell it's not a factory piece, so I'm pleased with the result. Thanks for subscribing!
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Wow! I am impressed! I purchased an aftermarket grill for my GLA a while back and have been on the fence about installing it. Your video really helps me know what I'd be getting myself into. Excellent video production as well! I am inspired!
Thanks I appreciate that! My grille sat in my garage for a couple months before I worked up the courage to take my daily driver apart to figure it all out. Glad it worked out well.
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