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I ALWAYS replace my Mercedes grilles. I was thinking about the starburst grille, but when I went back to the dealer to get my free Nav card I looked at the showroom cars. The star looked OK but a little effeminate.

Started liking the GTR grill, looks like MB will be using it for a few years. Also looking at the $300 + lighted MB emblem for the grille.

First ordered the lighted emblem, with shipping and tax from eBay seller vlhe856 based out of China so slower delivery. The star has all the plug in fittings, not just bare wires. Total was $30.23

Looked for hours at alibabba and alliexpress, all the companies in China are actually in the coronavirus area. They were all about $75 plus $75 shipping and you still have to pay any duties.

So I found a eBay seller in Southern Kommiefornia, El Monte. Grille made in Taiwan and sent from El Monte. Total was $161.48 with sales tax and free shipping. Guaranteed delivery by Feb 12th, next week. Listed for my 2019 and the guy has a 99.8% positive feedback, about as good as it goes.

I don't really want to remove the fenders like others, never had to do it before. Usually some bracket removal and 30 minutes total time. But I could be wrong.

Funny thing happened today, I suddenly realized car doesn't have a moon roof. I hate moonroofs. So made me happy again.
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