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Decided I didn't like owning/maintaining/insuring two cars, a Porsche Boxster and a Subaru XV Crosstrek (amazing cars in their own right). So took delivery last night of a GLA45 as a cross between the two -- I really love this so far, but have run across an unexpected problem.

I wanted to have a hitch like the Subie and found I could get a Curt hitch that would fit the GLA250 for my bike rack and maybe the occasional light towing. I guess in my excitement I missed the fact that this hitch isn't exactly recommended for the GLA45. Has anyone taken the plunge a put a hitch on the GLA45 anyway?

I'm cross-posting this question on a related thread on this forum, sorry if this is redundant. but I'm seriously considering going back to exchange for the GLA250 and need to do that today. Thanks!
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