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Greenpeace in on the Piss Party

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Greenpeace has once again stuck its nose where it doesn’t belong. As we’re all familiar by now Mercedes is locked into a long term endurance pissing contest with the French Government. Greenpeace is now howling that Mercedes should be brought to justice.

Funny because once upon a not too long ago Greenpeace was endorsing Mercedes' use of r134a instead of r1234yf, which Mercedes still maintains is highly flammable, Greenpeace wants fines imposed for non-compliance and for Mercedes to pay compensation to workers the ban is affecting.

Greenpeace admits Mercedes is "doing the right thing" as they are currently developing an alternative refrigerant, but it will take years for the new chemical to come to market, Greenpeace is urging Mercedes to proceed "as quickly as possible."

Honeywell is robustly defending its r1234yf product and insists there are no "serious" risks. Oh Boy.

Mercedes has previously countered with its own possibility of recompense, saying it would be "open" to receiving compensation "in principle."

That's what this is about, the extra cost to retrofitting all the vehicles with the necessary parts to make the new Honeywell refrigerant work, its not as simple as swapping out the Freon in the GLA. Extra parts are necessary for r1234yf to be as effective as r134a.

Like i said, pissing contest
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