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I have been looking to lower my wife's 2015 GLA250 since we purchased it a month ago. I'm not looking for a full coilover setup like KW. Just some drop springs. HR springs makes them for the GLA45, Eibach makes a set for the GLA250 but only available in Europe at the moment and they are out of stock till DEC. So I was also toying with the idea that the AMG is 1.8 inches lower than the standard GLA. Has anyone tried or heard of someone swapping the AMG springs in to accomplish the 1.8" drop? On another note is there any reason that the HR springs for the AMG would not work on the standard GLA.. Info on our car is below. Any help or ideas is appreciated.

2015 GLA250 4matic turbo 2.0 gas
sport appearance package with AMG wheels.
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