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So I took a bit of a gamble and decided to buy CLA under-seat storage bins because the seats appeared to be identical to what I had. I bought a couple OEM seat storage bins off eBay and decided to give it a shot.

Here's the result:
In short, they fit exactly like you would expect. The first seat took me about 30-40 min to install but the second one took me only 15 min. There are a number of things that are a bit confusing on the install but make perfect sense once you have done it once. I tried to take some pictures to help illustrate the install and would be happy to answer anyone's questions if they attempt this DIY project.

Here's what you will need:
Quantity 2: 246 910 17 01 9H68 Storage Box (9H68 is the code for black. Sorry not sure what the other color codes are)
Quantity 2: 246 860 06 14 Retaining Rail/Bracket
Quantity 2: 0009903111 Torx screws (4-screws for each bracket + 2-screws to mount each storage bin to the bracket)

Note I bought 2 under seat storage bins and each came with all the appropriate hardware.

E12 Female Torx Socket or 10mm socket
T25 Torx for the screws

Unfortunately, this Forum is very difficult to give images and associated text so I'll outline the steps and you can reference the attached images.

1) Move the front seat in question all the way back
2) Remove the plastic covers by gently pulling the longer side of the plastic cover outward and then slide it off. There is a plastic clip on the long-side of the cover that needs to be unhitched before sliding it off.
3) Use the E12 female Torx socket to remove the front seat bolts all the way
4) Move the seat all the way forward
5) Unscrew the rear female Torx screws about 75% of the way (but not off). This will allow you to tilt the seat backward without taking the seat all the way off.
6) Move the seat all the way back and tilt the seat upward.
7) Position the bracket such that the tab fits in the slot under the seat (left-most red circle in the images below). This will also align the screw holes.
8) Use the T25 Torx driver to screw in the bracket. Once you do the top the back of the bracket will align with the remaining two holes. You'll have to contort your body to get the back two and if you have a magnetic Torx driver or a socket-style driver you will save yourself some serious cussing and headache.
9) This step is the one that took me the absolute longest so hopefully this info will help to save you some time. The bracket and storage bin look like they should align straight on but they don't. Depending on which side of the car you are on the storage bin aligns a bit to the left or the right of the bracket. Just test fit it and you will see that it aligns better depending on the side you are on. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures so please ask questions if you have them. Once aligned, you'll need to press on the seat and the storage bin to try and "snap" it in even though it is not a defined "snap". It need to be aligned and then press-fitted such that the screws can be screwed in from the underside. This was the longest process for the entire install for me as the bins don't "click" into place and I needed to hold the bin while trying to get the screw started while contorted at some odd angle.
10) Once screwed in, check the function of the storage bin.
11) If all is well, lower the seat and screw in the front female Torx screws and replace the plastic covers.
12) Move the seat all the way forward and screw in the rear screws
13) re-test the storage bin for fit and finish.
14) Done. Go get a couple beers. You earned it.

Seriously, if I had to do this again I could probably do the install in about 10 minutes. The hardest part for me was to try and figure out how the dang bracket and bin fit together. It just did not fit together like I would have expected.


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