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GLA production concerns

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So we know the GLA will be based on the CLA platform and share most if not all internals with the baby Benz. With that in mind its safe to assume the GLA will be built alongside the CLA at the joint Mercedes-Nissan facility in Mexico.

The reason i bring this up is because Ford ran into some major quality control issues at its Mexican facility when spooling up for the launch of the Lincoln MKZ. Considering this facility is still unproven and the GLA and CLA are very important to Mercedes penetrating new markets and replenishing its aging client base, should we be worried about any delays or quality control issues coming from the Mexican production plant?

Can anyone chip in any insight here? Not really interested in picking up this truck if she will fall apart on me like a pinata...
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I am sure that any quality control issues that they are encountering will be fixed before they start production of the GLA. Considering the factory is also owned by Nissan I think that there is more than enough interest in having the factory operate properly. Can you be more specific about these quality control issues?

I don't want a car that falls apart like a pinata, but i would take one that has candy inside.
If there is something wrong with the factory, it is not because it is in Mexico. It is because there is something wrong at the factory. Having other good factories in Mexico doesn't mean this one is good. And having a bad factory in Mexico doesn't mean all of Mexico is bad.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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