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Mercedes-Benz is launching the GLA-Class crossover in China, and unlike most other models that it offers in China, this model will be built abroad and imported. Local production of the GLA is planned to start in mid-2015 however.

Mercedes-Benz is offering 3 different versions of the GLA crossover. There is the GLA 200, which comes with the base 1.6-liter turbo engine that produces 156 horsepower. This is priced at 289,000 yuan.

There is the GLA 260 4matic, which comes with a 2-liter turbo engine making 211 horsepower. This is priced at 398,000 yuan.

The GLA45 AMG will also be offered but does not having pricing details at the moment.

The prices of the GLA are much higher than its segment rivals. The Audi Q3 comes at a base price of 249,000 yuan and the BMW X1 starts at 259,000 yuan.

China has import tariffs, so I am curious if the price will drop significantly once assembly is moved to China.
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