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GLA Details from Europe, what can we learn?

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Some new info regarding the GLAs European availability surfaced the other day, we may be able to learn a few things.

First up, GLA order books will open for European business on November 20th 2013, while Euro deliveries are expected to start early in March '14.

As for pricing the base FWD only GLA200 will command EUR 29,304, while ticking the AWD box will ratchet the price quickly up to EUR 37,497. The GLA 200 CDI diesel (likely the most popular derivative) will ask for EUR 32,230.

No word on Edition 1 package pricing but considering it bundles aluminium roof rails, bi-xenon lamps, AMG rims and interior tweaks expect it somewhere in the ~40K EUR range.

To put the GLAs euro pricing in perspective for our Americans I took a look at the CLAs euro pricing vs NA. In Europe the CLA starts at EUR 28,977, while in America its $29,9XX. So its reasonable to expect the GLA to begin at ~$30-32K in America.

Europe has had the CLA for several months before it was made available in America, expect a similar launch strategy for GLA.

Europe: Mercedes to begin GLA deliveries in March
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That is a crazy price increase to get the AWD version. I haven't seen trim packages with a price tag that high really. Does the AWD package come with loads of other things besides just the AWD function? It better for such a steep asking price. The GLA configurator must go online soon for Europeans, so that will be a fun day on the internet.
compare to CLA so you can see how that translates to USD pricing

CLA 220 CDI Coupé
37.990,75 Euro

CLA 180 Coupé
28.976,50 Euro

CLA 180 BlueEFFICIENCY Edition Coupé
28.976,50 Euro

CLA 200 Coupé
31.862,25 Euro

CLA 250 Coupé
38.675,00 Euro
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comparing prices between the GLA and CLA, the GLA is reasonably higher at least when looking at both basemodel.
I'm most curious what the GLA will cost in Canada. Unfortunately everything costs more here than in the US, but that is the price you pay to not have to live in the US with all the crazies.

Any ideas on Canadian prices?
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