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Yes. That's what I've seen in most dealers loaded up no bare ones. I really want one but I 50 is my upper limit - so I guess I will have to order. Do you happen to know how long it takes for a delivery once the car is already in the VPC (vehicle processing center)?:)
It all depends on the dealership allocation, since only so many AMG models are produced (6% of all US MB deliveries are AMG models)… so in my case I ordered a GLA45 exactly the way I wanted it…ordered with dealership in Nov. 2014, accepted by MB early 2015 with a March production date and was delivered to me on April 10 2015. So I would say expect about a 4 month order to delivery time frame. Since I live in Jupiter Florida, the GLA45 went thru the rather new Brunswick GA VPC… I tracked the vehicle carrier (boat) and once it hit the docks at the VPC center it was 4 days when the car was delivered at the dealership. VPC turn around can vary due to QC and any of the VPC add ons.
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